Agree to personal information collection and use.
(1) How to collect items and gather personal information (a) Collected Items of Personal Information GLASSTINT GLOBA l collects the below personal information for member application, smooth consultation, and providing various Services. -Name, ID, password, email address, home address, telephone number, mobile number, member type (b) Methods to collect personal information GLASSTINT GLOBA collects personal information only when users provide the information voluntarily and specifically.
(2) Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use GLASSTINT GLOBA l uses collected personal information only for the following purposes:
(a) Member management Service limited to members according to restrictive identification system requiring personal identification, preventing illegal and unapproved use by unauthorized users, confirming signup requests, and restricting joining and number of signups
(3) Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information GLASSTINT GLOBA retains and uses personal information from the point of application to the point of cancellation.